Publish a new version

Node SDK (NPM)

  1. cd node_sdk
  2. npm login (southbanksoftwareadmin)
  3. npm version patch (or minor, major)
  4. npm publish
  5. remember to regenerate and update Node SDK documentation as well if that is necessary

Go SDK & Proofable CLI

  1. tag the commit using the version from CI

    Proofable CLI CI Version

  2. copy binaries from dev to stg

    gsutil -m cp -ra public-read "gs://provendb-dev/proofable-cli/*" "gs://provendb-stg/proofable-cli"
  3. copy binaries from stg to prd

    gsutil -m cp -ra public-read "gs://provendb-stg/proofable-cli/*" "gs://provendb-prd/proofable-cli"
  4. publish a new version to Proofable Homebrew tap:

    1. make sure the tap is enabled. You can skip this step if it has already been done

      brew tap southbanksoftware/proofable
    2. go to edit the checked out Formula file

      cd $(brew --repo southbanksoftware/proofable)
      code Formula/proofable-cli.rb
    3. modify the url to point to the new version (the CI binary version in step 1) and remove the sha256 field, then run the following to get the new sha256 hash

      brew fetch proofable-cli --build-from-source

      Finally, re-add the sha256 field in proofable-cli.rb

    4. create a PR for the change

      # change v0.2.13 to the correct version
      git checkout -b release/v0.2.13
      git commit -am "Release v0.2.13"
      gh pr create --title "Release v0.2.13" --body "Normal release"
    5. wait for the PR test to pass and merge

    6. checkout out master and pull the latest for future development

      git checkout master
      git pull