Anchor Types

An anchor type is a type of blockchain that is supported by Proofable to anchor your data. The following list represents the available anchor types in Proofable's production environment

NameNumberAvailableBatch SizeBatch TimeDescription
ETH0YES1638430sEthereum Rinkeby Testnet
ETH_MAINNET3YES3276810mEthereum Mainnet. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency
ETH_ELASTOS4Elastos, which employs a "main chain-sidechain architecture"
ETH_GOCHAIN9YES1638430sGoChain, which is scalable, low cost and energy efficient
BTC1YES327681mBitcoin Testnet
BTC_MAINNET5YES327683hBitcoin Mainnet. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency
HEDERA6YES30723sHedera Testnet
HEDERA_MAINNET7YES30723sHedera Mainnet. Hedera is a DAG based blockchain that provides much better TPS than tranditional blockchains
HYPERLEDGER8YES30723sHyperledger Fabric, which is a modular blockchain framework for private enterprises